January 22nd 2016 – Mid Term Review

This week the MICSED team travelled to Brussels for our midterm review meeting.  As all the ESRs were gathered together we took the chance to run another Business Orientation Workshop – this time on the science underpinning modern detergent formulations.  We also held a presentation skills workshop called “Panic Presentations” where the ESRs were given a few minutes to prepare to give a research presentation on one of the other ESR’s projects.  They rose to the challenge!

We were also extremenly fortunate that Regine Lebeque (a P&G Victor Mills fellow) and Johann Smets could spare time to talk to the ESRs about the innovation pathway in industry and who to manage a research career in industry.

On Tuesday evening we headed into Brussels despite the –5 C temperatures.  We saw a little of the city and sampled some Belgium food.

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As seems traditional for MICSED meetings, Wednesday morning saw snow.  After our training in Germany everybody made it to the review meeting without too many delays.  We spent the day presenting the programme’s research to our EU project officer and an external scientific expert.  It was incredibly useful to get feedback from outside the team.

authors: J. Evans and E. Sabattie
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