November 27th 2015 – Second Annual Meeting

This week the MICSED team gathered at P&G’s innovation centre in Schwalbach, Germany for our second annual meeting.  At the start of the week we held our third business orientation workshop where ESRs were trained in the science underlying babycare products.  We also had a fascinating interactive session on how to innovate in industry led by Mattias Schmidt, a P&G Victor Mills fellow.

On Wednesday we had a day of science reviews where all of the MICSED ESRs presented their research progress to date and the team discussed their findings.

We also held the first meeting of our Science Advisory Board.  The SAB is made up of senior researchers from P&G (Europe and America) and Professor Serafim Bakalis from Birmingham University.  SAB made some really helpful suggestions on the direction of our projects.

We also held meetings of our STB and Admin boards.

Despite the early snow and problems in Frankfurt making travel challenging, it was a great and productive meeting.

We followed the main meeting with a symposium to discuss the future research challenges currently arising from the MICSED and other research programmes.

MICSED selfie in Frankfurtauthor: J. Evans
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