November 21st 2016 – 3rd Annual meeting

The MICSED team gathered on 21st and 22nd of November in the P&G Brussels Innovation Center for the 3rd annual meeting of the project.

The ESRs learnt about laundry formulation, were asked to think about IP protection and presented an idea of outreach activity. As the end of the project is approaching, they were also advised on how to write a PhD thesis and how to apply to job offers.

Each ESR gave a progress review of his/her project to the whole team, and reviewed individually with academic and industrial supervisors his/her work plan for the final year of the programme.

The Supervisory and Training Board ensured that the milestones were reached and the deliverable achieved within budget and reviewed each ERS’s Personal Career Development Plan.


3rd Annual meeting – from left to right: Dr. Richard Thompson, Dr. AnnMarie O’Donoghue, Mr. Salvatore Croce, Miss Niamh Ainsworth, Mr. Benjamin Devilliers, Miss Julie McLoughlin, Miss Elise Sabattié, Miss Anna Stanczak, Dr. Euan Magennis, Prof. Andrew Beeby, Prof. John Evans

 authors: J. Evans and E. Sabattie


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