APS March Meeting 2016

14th to 18th March 2016 – Baltimore, Maryland, USA


ESR1’s abstract has been selected for an oral presentation at the American Physical Society (APS) March 2016 meeting. There were 9146 selected abstracts with many different talks at the same time about all the fields of Physics.

His talk has covered elasticity dominated surface segregation of small molecules in polymer mixtures during the industry day of the meeting on the 16th March. The section was sponsored by the DPOLY (Division of Polymer Physics) of the APS.  ESR1 had also the possibility to attend the session “lunch with expert”-GSOFT(Soft Matter division) for having an idea about how is the world after the PhD. Furthermore there were many exhibitors, such as Physics journals, research facilities and advanced scientific apparatus.


Badge with the ESR1’s affiliation, Durham University “Frankfurt, Germany”

authors: S. Croce and E. Sabattie