ESR 3: Benjamin Devilliers

BenjaminUniversity of Lille1 jointly accredited with ENSCL, France.

He is working on the stability and delivery of hueing dyes from complex formulations. Hueing plays a key role in delivering the brightness demanded by consumers, but there are enormous challenges in producing dyes that have appropriate properties in the formulation, have high stability, and have the correct deposition characteristics to give a rapid benefit without deleterious effects caused by over-deposition. The challenge is increased by the need for efficacy across a range of product types destined for different parts of the globe. Ben has been investigating how the spectral properties of key commercial dyes are influenced by solvent and surfactant environments, the kinetics of update on different model fabrics, and the influence of fabric type on efficacy. A key problem is the overstaining of fabrics by hueing dyes in certain formulations so Ben is investigating whether specific surfactants can help prevent dye overdeposition or suppress the absorbance if over-deposition occurs.He’s now based at P&G Brussels and working closely with P&G’s global team on this area.

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  • Dr S. J. Cooper (Durham University)
  • Dr Jean Francois Bodet (P&G Brussels)
  • Dr E. Magennis (P&G Newcastle)
  • Dr G. Miracle (P&G Cincinnati)
authors: J. Evans and B. Devilliers