ESR 5: Anna Stanczak


Anna helds a Bachelor and Master`s degree in Environmental Chemistry from the  Department of ChemistryUniversity of Wroclaw.

Anna is developing molecular probes which will help understand the fundamental role played by “reactive oxygen species” (ROS) such as the hydroxyl radical, peroxides and singlet oxygen in the wash cycle. One of the major challenges is to identify probes that are stable in the alkaline conditions of a typical wash, that give a response to the presence of a specific ROS in the presence of others and that provide a unique spectroscopic signal without interference from other species present such as optical brighteners. She has identified effective methods to generate each ROS under model laundry conditions, which have allowed careful investigation and screening of the chemical and photophysical behaviours of a range of candidate probe species. This has allowed her to identify an efficient and effective probe for hydroxyl radicals based on fluorescence detection and for peracids and hydrogen peroxide based on time-resolved fluorescence. She is currently working on the final probes needed for singlet oxygen. In her placement at Brussels Anna is starting to use these probes to follow the generation and fate of these ROS in mimics of laundry processes at P&G in Brussels, allowing the real-time monitoring of bleaching agents through a wash-cycle for the first time

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authors: J. Evans, A. Stanczak