Frankfurt International School

Salvatore and Elise presented the science behind Pampers to the students of the Frankfurt International School. In particular, they focused this outreach session on their educational background, their PhD and partners, and a case study: the use of AGM (Absorbing Gelling Material-also known as super absorbing polymer) in a diaper.

science presentation 3

Salvatore and Elise presenting the science behind a diaper at the FIS in Oberursel, Germany

Talking to an audience of both students and teachers, they showed the importance of this polymer, starting from the finished product (dissection of a diaper) to the raw material (what AGMs are, how they work and how they are produced). Throughout the presentation they used interactive experiments to demonstrate the chemical and physical properties outlined. The students had the possibility to handle the final products themselves and asked a lot of questions (more than a scientific community would!). In the next few years, we might see new ESRs from the Frankfurt International School!

We would like to thank Ms Rhiannon Wood, upper school principal, for welcoming us at the FIS and sharing the photos.

authors: S. Croce and E. Sabattie