Durham University School’s Science Festival

Durham University is largely involved in delivering outreach activities, from schools visits to the labs to the organisation of larger events such as Celebrate Science.

Our aims are to stimulate interest in science and to encourage better understanding of the application of science to our everyday lives. Our activities build on our excellent scientific research and teaching, involving the local community in the excitement of science.

All ESRs were trained on delivering outreach workshops by Dr Jacquie Robson, a qualified teacher for outreach activities from Durham University.

ESR2 also followed the postgraduate ‘Chemistry Communication and Science Outreach‘ course, which trains up between 10 and 14 postgraduate students every year to deliver outreach. This course sees them develop workshops for the Durham University Schools’ Science Festival every Easter. The SlimeTime activity delivered by Elise Sabattié and her colleagues for the 20th festival, in March 2015, treated of polymer science and was featured in a local newspaper, the Northern Echo.


Elise presenting an outreach activity about polymers at Durham University

More information can be found about outreach activities at Durham University at https://www.dur.ac.uk/science.outreach/

author: E. Sabattie