Coordination Team

The MICSED project is being overseen by a Supervisory and Training Board (STB) which is chaired by Professor John Evans and has representatives from the different project partners and one of the MICSED ESRs (currently Anna). STB has the responsibility of overseeing the scientific projects of the consortium and planning and implementing the ESR training programme.

STB receives regular input from a Science Advisory Board (SAB) which meets regularly. SAB’s membership includes top industrial researchers from Europe and the USA to provide global insight into our research and how it can be exploited. SAB also senior academic representation to help the MICSED consortium make relevant links to other academic researchers around the world. Individual members of STB take the lead in areas such as diversity ethics, intellectual property and its exploitation, scientific training and generic skills training.

Our final board is the Administrative Board which is made of staff from Durham University and Procter and Gamble. The Administrative Board is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of MICSED: ensuring that training and research events are organised and delivered and making sure that resources are appropriately allocated and used.

author: J. Evans