MICSED Meetings

  • First annual meeting

November 2014 – University of Durham, UK 

All the ESRs presented an overview of their projects together with other PhD students involved in the collaboration between Durham university and P&G. More details about the meeting are given here.


  • Second annual meeting

 November 2015 – P&G German Innovation Centre, Schwalbach am Taunus (Frankfurt), Germany

The ESRs presented a summary about the research and techniques they developed during their first year at Durham University to all the collaborators involved in the program. For more info about this meeting please follow this link.

  • Mid term review

January 2016 – P&G Brussels Innovation Centre, Brussels, Belgium

The MICSED project was reviewed by an european commissioner, representative of the MSCA. The ESRs had the opportunity to present their work and training record. A more detailed description of the meeting is posted here.

mid term review at P&G Brussels on 20th January 2015

  • Third annual meeting

November 2016 – P&G Brussels Innovation Centre, Brussels, Belgium 

The ESRs gave an overview of their progress during the third annual meeting on 21st-22nd November in Brussels. They also shared their work plan and were trained on how to write a good PhD thesis and how to apply for positions at the end of the programme. More details on this meeting can be found on this page.

authors: S. Croce and E. Sabattie